LAN Speed Test

LAN Speed Test

Test your local area network speed with this useful tool
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Measuring the local area network (LAN) speed is always useful to detect possible failures on it. This little and simple application allows you to do so very easily. You only need to open the application, create a folder on your system, which will be used to test the LAN speed, and run the test. Isn't that easy?

The program is based on a very simple idea: it creates a file and transfers it through the network to detect its upload and download speeds.

The test results show the packet size, the time it took to complete the test, and the bits and bytes per second speeds. You can choose between three types of tests: Average, Maximum and Minimum. The program allows you to configure it according to your needs. For example, you can set the amount and size of the packets to be used in the test; and decide if you want the test to be successive or simultaneous. It is also possible to print the test results to have a hard copy of them.

The application also creates a log file that you can save for further reference.

In general, it is a good and easy-to-use application. It works fast and uses few system resources. Also, it is very affordable, and you can test it before buying.

Victor Hernandez
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